Smart semiconductor

• Two-dimensional Material


 – Synthesis of two-dimensional materials (graphene, transition metal dichalcogenides, ionic crystal, etc.)

 – Diverse synthetic approach (chemical vapor deposition, chemical exfoliation, hydrothermal synthesis, etc.)

 – Atomic-scale defect engineering

 – Wafer-scale monolayer semiconductor production

• Nano/Opto-electronics & Neuromorphic Computing


 – High-performance two-dimensional material field-effect transistor

 – Ultrasensitive plasmon-free molecular detection platform

 – Two-dimensional resistive switching materials based synaptic device

Solar Cell


 – High-performance solar cells (perovskite solar cell, organic solar cell, etc.)

 – Flexible and semi-transparent solar cells

 – Large-scale tandem solar cells (silicon solar cell, perovskite solar cell, etc.)



 – Highly efficient electrocatalyst for hydrogen production via water splitting

 – Photoelectrochemical water splitting materials and devices for direct conversion of solar energy into

    chemical fuels